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Angela+Clayton - Manasota Beach Club

Congratulations to Angela+Clayton., our newlyweds on the blog today and we just completed their cinematic wedding film. This elegant bride and her handsome groom chose to have their wedding and reception held at the Manasota Beach Club in Englewood, FL. As if the location wasn't awesome enough for a wedding, this couple's friends and family in attendance were just as awesome... you couldn't keep them off the dance floor! They were all celebrating with their fancy-footwork long into the night. SO! MUCH! FUN!

Check out the review they left us on

There are a lot of expenses planning a wedding, and they sure do add up quickly! When my wife told me she wanted a photographer and a videographer I asked her if she didn't think that was excessive. Since then, I have apologized to my wife numerous times and stated that hiring Studio KRP was possibly the best money that we spent. We love sharing the video with friends and family and look forward to cherishing it for years to come.

Thank you so much!


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