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Beach House Wedding Film

Bre and Ted were high school sweethearts, that lost touch with each other after school only to be reunited ten years later at their high school reunion. I am so honored to be part of capturing this wonderful love story. With everything taking place on the beautiful shores of Bradenton Beach, FL at the Beach House Restaurant, you couldn't ask for a better place to shoot a breathtaking wedding film!!

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Bre said:

The best decision I made for my wedding (other than choosing my awesome husband), was to hire Ron as our Videographer.

Why do you need a videographer?: Please don't cut this from your budget. I promise that prioritizing this cost above anything else is the right choice. Seeing yourself laugh, smile, hug, love *with movement/music* is SO different from static photos and the final product is amazing. Watch your dress blow in the wind while your groom carries you down the beach...yes!

My advice to someone on a serious budget... Prioritize Video before Photos!! (Photographers, please don't kill me!) Brides: all you need to do is research the poses you want for photos - make a list - have a family friend with a nice camera take your pictures.. and then, hire Ron for video! He will capture all of the breathtaking moments of the ceremony and bride/groom portraits, family pictures, cake cutting, first dance... Speeches! Believe me... you won't remember what the speeches entail because of all the excitement... but now you can sit on the couch with your new husband and listen to the speeches over and over again.

Why Ron? - Ron is so easy to work with. He's enthusiastic, responsive, a true talent, affordable, punctual, kind.... The experience is a little awkward at first because you sort of need to just ignore him so that he can capture candid moments, but you'll get used to it. Let him do his thing and you'll just cry with joy when you watch your video(s).

We chose an option that included a full feature (1 hour 12 min), as well as a highlight video to one song (3.5 minutes). He prints the videos onto a DVD that has your picture on it and even a cool menu inside. My husband and I have literally watched our videos 10x in the last month and we see something different every time. We even ordered extra copies so we could give them to family members -Ron promptly made them and sent them out to us.

I'd hire Ron again and again.

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